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Integrating Arts, Nature and History

in a Revitalized and Sustainable Historic District in Discovery Park.



Discovery Park is Seattle’s largest public park; 534 acres of natural beauty on the shores of the Puget Sound in the Magnolia neighborhood.


Fort Lawton U.S. Army Post was established in the 1900s. During the 70's most of the property was transferred back to the City of Seattle. The former Fort Lawton became Discovery Park. Primarily a natural open space but also home to Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center, Environmental Learning and Visitor Center, Historic West Point Lighthouse, West Point Treatment Plant, Fort Lawton Military Cemetery and Fort Lawton Historic District that was established in 1978.

The historic district includes 25 privately owned residential buildings and 8 City-owned buildings. in 1988 the City issued an ordinance that restricted the use of the historic buildings. The boarded-up historic buildings have been left to decay and unused for almost half a century.    

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