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Help us turn this idea into a reality

Discover Arts in the Park?

Many parks and natural sites foster relationships between artists, educators and communities and create opportunities for dialogues that promote preservation and environmental protection.

We plan to foster inter-disciplinary activities that allow all to participate including youth with limited opportunities. We will offer creative individuals the space, solitude and community that enables them to reflect and engage their work through residency programs, workshops and community events.

There are eight historic buildings in Discovery Park that could serve our community and provide much needed collaborative spaces to teach, create, share, and inspire visitors to preserve these lands for future generations. These historic buildings are crumbling, and although recognized, both nationally and locally as historic landmarks, they have been left to decay.

Re-using and integrating the historic district into Discovery Park's activities will attract more citizens to enjoy the outdoors and to take an active part in the preservation of land and heritage.

Will Allow Discover Arts in the Park

  • To Continue outreach to our communities, City and State officials and historic preservation groups.

  • To Organize public gatherings and free outdoor arts events in Discovery Park, and Invite local and visiting artists to share their work with the community in an inspiring and inclusive environment. 


  • To sponsor artists performances in the park, providing help with rental equipment and venue, advertisement and marketing, professional services, permits, license, insurance and consulting services. ​


  • To influence public opinion, foster an open discussion and gather feedback from the community.


  • To work with historic preservation groups, architects, urban planners and environmental activists to collaborate and encourage advocacy for a sustainable maintenance plan for the Historic District. 



We cannot do this without your help! 

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